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Police Policing

Relating to the Public: PRO’s at police stations

Monday, November 22, 2010
By Kaptan Mali
The Thane police department has started a new initiative to bring general public and police officials closer and remove the fear of police from the public’s psyche. The Thane police have decided to appoint Public Relation Officers (PRO) who will be the first contact of visitors to any police station.

The initiative started by Thane Police Commissioner SPS Yadav on an experimental basis. The program will be reviewed by the Deputy Commissioners of Police and Yadav in a few weeks and will later be implemented in all the police stations.

The constables who have been assigned the PRO’s job have been trained by senior officials. These PROs will hold the information of all officers and departments including absent officers. Accordingly they will guide visitors. The PRO will also place his remarks on the applications of the visitors which will serve as evidence for both police and the visitors.

Thane police commissioner SPS Yadav told ADC, “At the police stations, the public is found wandering from one department to another because there is no one to guide them. There must be a qualified officer (PRO) to guide them to the right department with their queries.”

According to Yadav there is a fear in the minds of the general public regarding the police department which he wants to eliminate through this initiative. If the general public is treated well by the police it will not only restore their faith in this institution but also help the police in reducing crime and assist in intelligence gathering.

Yadav further added that the PRO will be the first person to interact with the visitors and will note details about the visitor to help us during the investigation or act as references which will increase the accountability of the concerned department.

However police stations across Mumbai have public relations officers but are rarely seen doing their job.

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